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Cast Acrylic Sheets

We are highly engaged in offering the wide range of Cast Acrylic Sheets which are mainly designed by our experts by casting the monomer and other additives into a shape or form. These sheets are casted into a static form which is further used in everything from windows and wall partitions to lighting fixtures and canopies. Cast Acrylic Sheets are available in huge varieties such as Alfaplas Plastic Sheet A-3010, Acrylic Sheet A-030, Cast Acrylic Sheet A-433, Acrylic Sheet A-432, Coloured Acrylic Sheet A-115, Acrylic Sheet A-433 H, Acrylic Sheet A-030 M, and much more. These are also used in transportation industry which includes panels, windows, windshields as well as mirrors.

Acrylic Sheet A-135

Acrylic Transparent Sheet A-000

Acrylic Transparent Sheet A000 offered by us, acts a sheet which is transparent in nature. This moisture resistant sheet has higher molecular weight and excellent strength. This sheet is manufactured using optimum quality raw material and advanced technology. This sheet is available in different sizes, thickness, and other specifications too. Acrylic Transparent Sheet A000 is demanded for their features lightweight, dimensional accuracy, transparency, chemical resistance, flexibility, easy installation and durability. This sheet requires very low maintenance and operating costs hence very cost effective in nature. This sheet can be easily availed by our valued customers at cheaper rates, in bulk quantities.

Acrylic Sheet A-030

Alfaplas Acrylic Plastic Sheet A-3010

Acrylic Sheet A-432

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-433

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-115

Acrylic Sheet A-433 H

Acrylic Sheet A-030 M

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-000 M

Colored Plastic Sheet A-532

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-402

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-404

Acrylic Sheet A-104

Acrylic Sheet A-215

Colored Acrylic SheetA-993

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-266

Coloured Acrylic Sheet-A is available in different attractive colours. This sheet is widely known for its easy processing, seamless connection, as well as very simple to clean. This sheet offers a better performance as compared to other products. This sheet is in high demand for its features such as weather resistant, bacteria resistant, bilge resistant and flame resistant & prevent infiltration. Coloured Acrylic Sheet-A is mostly used in transportation industry for different purposes. This sheet has high strength and excellent durability too. This sheet is mainly designed by our workers by making use of high quality raw materials and latest machines.

Acrylic Sheet A-994

Acrylic Sheet A-202

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-348

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-325

Acrylic Sheet A-524

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-502 M

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-522

Colored Plastic Sheet A-530

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-130

Acrylic Sheet A-902

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-235

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-347

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-404 M

Acrylic Sheet A-212

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-991

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-814

Transparent Acrylic Sheet A-324

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-346

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-3092

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-367

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-992

Cast Acrylic SheetA-301

Acylic Plastic Sheet A-327

Acylic Plastic Sheet A327 is manufactured and designed by our professional workers by making use of optimum quality raw materials and upgraded technology. This sheet acts as a transparent plastic material which is mainly known for its excellent strength, stiffness, durability and optical clarity. This sheet is widely used and appreciated in the market. Acylic Plastic Sheet A327 can easily be sawed, routed, drilled, formed, bent and cemented. This sheet is stronger and lighter than glass, excellent resistance to long-term exposure of outdoor elements. This sheet is very cost effective and can be easily availed by our valued customers at cheaper rates, in bulk quantities.

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-236

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-362

Transparent Acrylic Sheet A-101

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-514

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-100

Acrylic Sheet A-502

Acrylic Sheet A-206

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-326

Colored Acrylic Sheet A-128

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-377

Cast Acrylic Sheet A-304

Cast Acrylic Sheet A304 is manufactured and distributed by our company, which is widely known for its light weight, durability, high strength, and greater thermal stability. This sheet is available in various colours and thickness. This sheet also has greater optical clarity. This sheet results in a frosted appearance, as opposed to clear engraving on extruded sheets. Cast Acrylic Sheet A304 is mostly used in store displays, furniture, frames, aerospace industry, skylights and so on. This sheet is greater resistance to temperature fluctuations. This is also mainly known for their high performance and longer service life. This provided sheet requires very low maintenance and operating costs hence very cost effective in nature.

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